His family name is Kaipuraidom.  Kaipuraidom family is one of the ten branches of Kavumkottethu family.  During the time of Tippu Sultan, several attempts were made for forceful conversion of Christians in Malabar.  There are historical records to show that during those days many ancient Christian and Hindu families fled Malabar to Central Travancore area, especially to places near banks of Pamba and Manimala rivers.  About the year 1725, a man and wife and son (his ancestors) migrated from Cranganore and arrived at the banks of Pamba River and started to live at Kavumkottethu Nedumprayar.  According to records it was found that at least for a few generations there was only one son each in the family.  This means at least for three generations, this pattern would have followed.  Owing to the conflicts with the local Hindu chieftains, they had to shift their dwelling places a few times within the same area.



The fifth generation father had three sons; one of which was his great grandfather Mathunny who settled at Mallappally having married Kandamma from Kaipuraidom family.  It is believed that Kaipuraidom family had only daughters for seven generations. The daughters of those previous six generations were married to young men of various families in Mallappally. The sixth mother was married to a man from Vattaseril family. That was why Vattacheril Kudumbam used to invite Kaipuraidom members for their kudumba yogams. There was another sister who was married to Mannil family. Owing to this, Kaipuraidom family had some direct relations with almost all the important families of Mallappally such as Kaialethu, Mannil, Vattacheril and so on. His ancestral appachen and ammanchi had 3 sons and five daughters.  When the first son Potha was born, there was great jubilation in the family.  When the baby was taken for baptism, the mother was made to walk all the way to the church on path laden with palm leaves.  The second son Mathai became a priest of the Anglican Church.  The third son was his grand father Avira (Abraham).  The first and third sons were farmers. 


The great great grandfather Mathunny had a paddy field at Kumbanad as his paternal property.  After his death, the three sons sold the property at Kumband and bought 27 acres land at Punnaveli.  As Achen Appachen was always on transfer as priest of the church, the other two brothers decided to settle down at Punnaveli and develop the land.  That was about a hundred years ago.

His grand father Avirachen married Achamma of Vizyail family Niranom.  They had three children – two boys and a girl.  His father was the first child. His grandmother passed away when his father was just 11 years of age.  His grandfather remarried from ulappommannil, Kozhencherry.  There were two boys and two girls from that marriage.  Owing to the fact his grandmother ammachy passed away and appachen married a second time, the link between Kaipuraidom and Vazyail family was very minimal.

His father, Mathunny, –Appachen- was born on August 14, 1888 and had his primary education at CMS School Mallappally.  For his secondary education, he was sent to CMS High School Kottayam.  There he passed his Matriculation examination.  After his teacher training programme he became a teacher at CMS English School Mallappally and worked there for from 1910 to 1920. Appachen married Ammachi, Saramma, the second daughter of M M Mammen, Madathil parampil of Chennattu family, Kozhencherry. Appachen was 16 and Ammachi 12 when they were married

  Ammachi &George


Family of K A Mathai

K A Mathai, his father was born on August 3, 1888 as the first son of the youngest son, Avirachen of the father who had moved from Nedumprayer to Mallappally. He had his primary education in CMS English School at Mallappally, and his high school education at CMS College Kottayam. He took Teacher’s Diploma and became a teacher at CMS School, Mallappally. He married Saramma Mammen of Madathilparampil, Kozhencherry when he was 16 years of age and mother 12 years. After working for ten years (1910-1920), the Anglican Church wanted to start an English Middle School at Punnaveli (about 10 km from Mallappally). He was appointed as the first teacher and head master.




Running the school in an efficient manner was his main responsibility. He spared no effort to locate any possible Preparatory class pupil within a distance of about 5 to 10 km. He visited many a home; he persuaded, cajoled, exerted pressure, offered material benefits such as pencils, erasers, note books or even fee concessions. The school became a full fledged English Middle School in 1923 and he continued to work as headed there till 1933 when he was transferred to head the school at Thalavady for two years and seven years at Pallom. Then he was transferred back to Punnaveli where he worked till his retirement in 1947. He spent his remaining retirement years at home and worked with church and social welfare activities and he entered eternal rest in 1981 at a ripe age of ninety three on April 26th 1981.

Saramma Mathai    
Saramma Mathai is his mother. She was born as the second daughter of M M Mammen and Aleyamma Mammen, Madathilparampil, Kozhencherry on May 12, 1890. After completing her primary school education at the age of 12 she was married to his father.
She was a very outstanding personality with firm Christian conviction and brought up her children with utmost care. Although she only had primary school education she was a voracious reader of Malayalam books  even during her old age; the classical example was her interest in reading all the Malayalam books written by her nephew Dr M M  Thomas (was Chairman of WC C Executive committee and later Governor of Nagaland). She entered into eternal rest on August 12, 1988 at the age of 97.


Mrs Achamma Samuel    
Achamma (known as Kunjamma) was born on January 12, 1910. After competing her FHisth Form (Standard 9) she was married to M K Samuel, Mukkathu, Mathilunkal, Chenganoor. She has six children (fhis boys and two girls) when she died on December 9, 1945 at the age of 35. The children are M S Koshy(flight lieutenant retd),Mathai Samuel (PWD Officer,retd), M.S.Samuel (retd Vice President, Macmillan India), Dr.S. Thomas (Prof: Royal Military College, Kingsotn, Canada) and Saramma Jacob(Professor (retd), Teacher Training College, Mumbai).

Dr Abraham Kaipuraidom    
Abraham (known as Baby) was born on March 2, 1913. Trained as a dentist in Madras, and started a dental clinic in Mallappally (one of the very early dentists in Kerala) in 1933, and worked in Manimala, Kanjirappally and Munakayam for over five decades. He married Annamma daughter of P V Verghese, Puthenpurakkal, Anjilithanam. He passed away on October 21st, 1998 He had one son and three daughters, Raju, Sally, Leelamma and Thankamma. Raju, Leelamma and Thankamma live at Kottayam while Sally lives in Hyderabad. 

Acharya K M Mammen & Acharaya Sosamma Mammen    
Mammachen was born on August 4th 1915 After his college education he joined Manganam Ashram in 1938 He married Sosamma, (Kunjuamma), daughter of Kalathil Jospeh, Kanjikuzhy who also became a Sevak of the Ashram. Both have served the Ashram till their death on September 21st 2006.. They have fHis children, two girls and two boys; Shanti (living in Mumbai), Geetha (living in Karipuzha), Ashok (Dr) living in Mumbai and Vinod (in Ottachahram). All of them live with their families.

Miss Aleyamma Mathew    

Commonly known as Ema was born on 25th February 1918. After her high school education she underwent nurses training from Kolar worked as a specialist nurse in Mumbai till 1966 and returned to Kerala to look after the aged parents. At present she stays in the family house with her youngest brother Georgekutty at Punnaveli. Earlier 2008 the family members organised a big function for her 90th birthday.

K M Mathai (kunjunj)    
  kunjunj was born on January 4, 1921. After graduating from Madras University he went to Bombay in 1942 and there he worked in the British Institute as a senior officer till …

He married Rosamma (Elizabeth Kurien), B Sc B Ed, daughter of V John Kurien, Alummootil, Poovathoor. He passed away on December 9, 1989. They have a son and a daughter. Son, Biju (Mathews Mathai) is a medical doctor, M B B S, D G O, M D, M.OBSTRET) Liverpool, and F A S Ph.D (Sweden); worked for over 25 years at Christian Medical College, Vellore; presently working in Geneva with World Health Organisation. His wife is Geeta (Elizabeth Thomas). She also holds MBBS, MD and Ph. D degree. After working at C M C Vellore for number years she now works with her husband and also works with the WHO. Their son Nikil, after obtaining his B Tech degree continues his studies in Canada for his MBA degree. Namartha, the daughter, after completing Pre degree examination studies for her Medical degree in Scotland.

His daughter Sarah was married to John Mathew BSc, AMIE(Electronic and Telecommunications). Sarah (a Ph D holder) works as Professor and Head of Education department in a college in Mumbai. Eldest daughter, Sarah, studies for Masters in Educational Technology Computer Application: in addition she holds ATCL Diploma (Piano) from Trinity College London. The younger, Elizabeth, studies for degree course in Economics.


Mrs Saramma Mathai    

 (Pennamma) was born on December 25, 1923. She was married to Thomas Mathai, Padipurackal, Kayamakulam. She has three sons Jim, Sim, Joji and daughter Soji.

Dr K M George    
(Georgekutty) was born on March 6, 1926; after primary and middle school education he studied at C M S College, Kottayam, and then graduated from Madras Christian College, Tambaram. Took his Master’s degree from Wilson College, Bombay;

obtained teacher’s diploma from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay and Bachelor of Education from Meston Training College, Madras; obtained his Doctorate in Philosophy from Columbia Pacific University, California. He married Elizabeth John (Gracy), (born on January 14, 1932), daughter of Mr & Mrs P C John, Parakkatil, Cotton Hill Road, Trivandram.

She holds Master of Science degree from University College, Trivandrum and also Bachelor of Education Degree from Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum  She worked for a number of years as lecturer of Mathematics in C M S College, Kottayam, Union Christian College Alwaye and as Professor in Women’s Christian college, Madras before getting married to George.

She joined her husband and worked in Nagpur, Sabah and Papua New Guinea and returned to India in 1989. She entered eternal rest on Mary 17, 1991.

They have a daughter Sarah (Gisa) born on December 7, 1961. She holds MB BS, DCH DRCOG and works a Medical Practitioner in Hounslow, England. She is married John Thomas, son of Mr & Mrs K C Thomas, Kollanjikombil, Kurianoor. He is a Chartered Accountant by Profession and settled down in England. They have two boys Santhosh (19 years) reading Economics, Politics and Philosophy in Oxford University, and Sushil (17 years) studying for his A Level Examination..

Mrs Mary Kurien    

(Thankamma) was born on November 29, 1922. After obtaining B Sc and B Ed degrees she was married C P Kurien, Mavelil, Kaviyoor. After working for a few years as teachers in Kerala, they served as teachers in Sabah, Malaysia for a number of years and returned to Kerala in January 1988. They have three sons, Reji, Seji and Biji. Raji lives in Pondicherry while Seji lives in Madras and Biji in MelbHisne, Australia.

Kavumkottethu Kudumbam

Names of various branches

  1. Nagarur Kizhakkethil
  2. Kavumkottethu
  3. Panacherril
  4. Kaipuraidom
  5. Mannil
  6. Valia Kalayil
  7. Puthur
  8. Cheruvattolil
  9. Kathamangalam
  10. Peedikaparampil.



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